Down Payment Assistance Programs

First-time buyer programs offer financial assistance to qualified borrowers who may need some creative solutions to get into their first home. These programs offer financial assistance to qualified borrowers with:


  • Down payment assistance
  • Grants to help with closing costs, down payments, or home improvements
  • Subsidized interest costs
  • Reduced lender’s fees eligibility depending on loan program


Required Down payment from the borrower = Zero (0)


Eligible Borrowers = Primary Home Purchase only (meaning you have to live there)  but it doesn’t have to be your first home purchase in some cases


Income Qualifications = Some programs have income limits.  For example. A married couple can not make more than a combined $97,000 if they want to do the Washington State Bond Program.


What does it cost a borrower to purchase a home? Zero (0) in some cases.  In other cases the borrower may have a zero down payment but need to come up with the closing costs.

The down payment assistance programs can be used for 2 key areas depending on your need:  #1. Down payment   #2. Closing Costs and Pre-Paids (taxes and insurance)


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