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Which Loans Require Little to No Down Payment?

As a potential home buyer, you may find the looming prospect of having to pay a hefty down payment entirely beyond your means. Even though you’re confident you’ll be able to make the monthly payments once you get into a home, amassing a large sum

Is Investing in Real Estate A Good Idea?

That $20,000 you’ve got sitting in your bank account with a tiny interest rate will be worth less in five years after adjusting for inflation. Here’s the unfortunate thing - while it might feel secure just sitting safely in the bank, money that’s sitting idle

Avoid These Pitfalls When Getting A Home Loan

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions of your life – and likely one of the largest financial transactions you will be a part of. To avoid financial disaster, you need everything to go smoothly, without surprises. This is particularly true when you’re

Understanding the Different Types of Mortgage Loans

If you’ve decided it’s time to buy a house, then it’s also time to get educated about your options. Homebuyers in the United States have lots of different choices, but before you make a decision you need to understand the different loan types – and what

Is a Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loan a Good Choice for You?

Buying a home involves serious planning and careful decision making. The first step is to apply for a mortgage loan and fortunately, home buyers can choose from a seemingly endless array of mortgage loan products today. That is the good news. However, with so many options on

How Does Mortgage Refinancing Work?

Home refinancing is a common practice in the mortgage industry. Put simply, it refers to the process of replacing an existing loan with a new loan. Why would a homeowner want to take on new loan instead of just keeping their current one? Refinancing actually allows

Here Are Some Tips to Have Your Home Loans Approved Faster

Getting a loan for a new home is not always easy. Because of previous economic uncertainty, lending conditions have tightened and fewer people are qualifying for loans than they have in the past. If you want to be in good shape to get your loan approved,

Complete Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Information for Home Buyers

An adjustable rate mortgage – also known as an ARM – is a home loan with an interest rate that fluctuates throughout the life of the loan. “Adjustable rate” and “fixed rate” are the two main types of mortgage products today. With a fixed rate mortgage,

Tips to Get a Real Estate Investment Loan

Purchasing investment property is a great option for investing your money. However, getting a mortgage for such a purchase is quite different than getting a loan for a primary residence. Qualifying for a Real Estate Investor Loan Compared to getting a loan for a home that is