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The Home Loan Process


  1. Initial Evaluation: Homebuyer contacts TILA Mortgage and a pre-qualification interview takes place. Homebuyer’s income, employment, assets, debts and credit history are discussed. TILA mortgage loan originator gives a home purchase price estimate to the buyer based on this information.
  2. Application: Formal loan application is completed, credit history is pulled and homebuyer’s income and asset documentation is submitted for Pre-approval to our local underwriting department.
  3. House Shopping and Offer: Pre-Approved home buyer begins shopping for a home with their Realtor and writes an offer when the desired home is found. Earnest Money check is written at this time.
  4. Finalize the Loan Terms: Offer is accepted, mortgage loan originator and home buyer finalize terms of financing for their loan program, and an interest rate can be locked in at this time. Home inspection process is completed as well.
  5. Verify Property Details: The TILA Mortgage production support team orders the appraisal, title report and opens Escrow.
  6. Homeowner’s Insurance: Homebuyer shops for and secures home owner’s insurance – Team TILA orders the insurance binder.
  7. Final Approval: Loan conditions are submitted to underwriting for final approval.
  8. Prepare for Closing: TILA orders the loan documents to be delivered to the escrow company in preparation for closing.
  9. Review the Settlement Statement: Escrow prepares the settlement statement and provides a copy to TILA for review. Homebuyer is contacted by escrow to schedule a signing appointment. Signing generally occurs a few days before the closing date. Be sure you notify your loan officer early in the transaction if you will be out of town around your closing date.
  10. Signing Appointment: Home buyers sign the loan documents at the escrow office and provide funds for closing in the form of a cashier’s check or wire. Signed documents go back to the lender for review.
  11. Funds are Released: On the closing date, the lender wires funds to escrow and releases escrow to record the transaction with the local county courthouse.
  12. Transaction is Complete: Buyer takes possession of their new home! Realtors arrange for the keys to be turned over to the new owners!

Our goal is to make your transaction a simple, straightforward process that leaves you feeling like it was a great experience as well. We do this by setting realistic expectations up front, communicating with you clearly, and keeping you fully informed as we go through each of the steps in the home loan process.


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