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It’s already been a year since my husband and I moved into our current home in Tacoma. It’s a cozy two-story, located in the most pleasant neighborhood we could’ve asked for. And though we’ve only lived in it a short time, wonderful memories and milestones have already been made here. Even better – our first child was born in this house and is going to be growing up in it.

We couldn’t be happier!

The Uncertainty of Being a First-Time Home Buyer

When we set out to purchase our first home together, we were woefully clueless about the process. We talked to friends and family, scoured websites for both home listings and buying advice, and generally floundered all over the place.

We knew what we wanted. We’d identified our top priorities and knew where we were a bit more flexible. However, when it got to the point of getting a loan, we had some concerns. We had a general idea of what we could afford, but our knowledge of the details of home loan financing fell short.

The more we researched, the more confused we became. There were seemingly thousands of loan programs out there, and we had no idea which one would be good for us.

We definitely fretted about the consequences of any potential mistakes we might make.

A Helping Hand in Our Time of Need

During this disheartening process, we came across TILA Mortgage through the recommendation of a family friend. A local mortgage company in Tacoma, they seemed to be the answer to all our home loan problems.

With a highly experienced loan consultant available to cater to our financing needs, it was as if a burden had been lifted off our shoulders. TILA guided us through the entire process, from assessing our financial situation, to choosing an excellent loan for our circumstances, to the process of application and mortgage approval.

While the house-hunting process had been a stressful affair, finding the right mortgage loan for us was a great experience with the experts at TILA by our side.

Not only did they provide us with a great loan option which was well-suited to our needs, but they also helped us in procuring the loan at a great mortgage rate. When I think about all the money we saved, I breathe a sigh of relief—this is definitely something that wouldn’t have been possible without their expertise and connections in the field.

If you’re in the Washington State area and looking into home loans, then TILA Mortgage provides a service that won’t let you down! Buy your home with confidence knowing that you’re getting a great loan at a great rate you can qualify for. Check them out today!

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