Jumbo Loan

Our Jumbo Loans can help you:


  • Buy a home that doesn’t compromise on your needs.
  • Purchase a primary residence, second home, or investment property.
  • Buy a home in a competitive real estate market like Seattle.
  • Buy a home priced over $650,000


What is a Jumbo Loan?


Jumbo Loans are high-value mortgages designed to finance luxury properties, as well as homes in highly competitive local real estate markets like the Puget Sound area. The value of traditional conforming mortgages is capped by governmental regulation at $636,150; Jumbo Loans offer buyers an opportunity to finance properties that exceed those loan limits.


TILA Mortgage offers Jumbo Loans up to three million dollars, and also has loans with interest-only options to help keep your monthly payment low. There are even Jumbo Loans available with low down payments and no monthly mortgage insurance.


Because Jumbo Loans pose more of a risk to the lender, they tend to have slightly higher interest rates than traditional conforming mortgages.




A Jumbo Loan is a great option for individuals purchasing a property over $650,000. This may be for the purchase of a luxury home, an investment property, a vacation house, or even just a regular primary residence in one of our hot local real estate markets like Seattle, Bellevue, or anywhere throughout the Puget Sound region.


Our Loan Process

As a lending specialist based in the highly competitive Seattle-area real estate market, TILA Mortgage is an expert when it comes to Jumbo Loans. Contact one of our mortgage advisors today to learn more about our Jumbo Loans – and learn how we can help you get into the home of your dreams!


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