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As a potential home buyer, you may find the looming prospect of having to pay a hefty down payment entirely beyond your means. Even though you’re confident you’ll be able to make the monthly payments once you get into a home, amassing a large sum of money to put down on a house can seem impossible.

The good news is – you may not have to. There are a number of mortgage loan program options available that offer the option of little to no down payment at all!

VA Loan

The VA loan is backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and offers the option of no down payment as well as minimal closing costs. This attractive home loan option is available to military veterans, their spouses, active duty personnel, as well as certain National Guard and Reserve members.


The United States Department of Agriculture backs this mortgage loan program, which is designed to help individuals purchase homes in specific rural geographical locations. With a no-down option available to eligible home buyers, the USDA loan has a couple of different programs targeting both average and low-income households. USDA loans are available to those who are purchasing their primary home, have a decent credit score, and are buying their home in an approved rural area.

FHA Loan

The FHA loan is a low down payment mortgage option that generally requires only 3.5% down, whereas it typically takes a 5-20% down payment to qualify for a traditional mortgage.* This is also a government-back loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration, and is a good option for those with less-than-perfect credit scores.

Individual Lender Programs

Many lenders offer 100% financing programs, meaning you do not have to have a down payment. Your individual lender can give you more details on how to qualify. However, be aware that many of these programs will come with higher interest rates (or require you to pay for private mortgage insurance) to offset the risk to the lender.

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